ACT Worldwide

Asian College of Teachers' detailed courses along with experienced tutors have helped it to earn appreciation and achievement in the field of teacher training courses and education worldwide. There is a rising demand for skilled and certified teachers across the globe due to the growth in global education. ACT, thus, aims at training aspiring as well as expert teachers with its varied courses, thus enhancing their competencies which will prove beneficial for them in the said field. ACT's mission to provide able and skilled teachers for classrooms across the globe and carrying the legacy of its success stories has empowered it to acquire the wonderful opportunities to train aspirants from South-East Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Middle East and South Africa. ACT boasts of a strong global presence of 50,000 alumni and hopes to maintain this impressive performance by consistently upgrading its teacher training courses.

Aspirants from across the globe can choose from 100+ courses

With each passing day, ACT is trying to come up with new tailor made courses for the coming of age educators and the education system; it has been seeing speedy growth in the field of international teachers training. Aspiring teachers willing to acquire scopes and opportunities to work in the relevant field is expected to be skilled and certified with a globally accepted certificate which ACT promises to provide upon successful completion of the course.

Enrolment applications are showing up from various parts of the world such as Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Additionally, the comparatively reasonable course fees, latest pedagogical practices along with the option to choose from 100+ courses, ensure that the aspirants get the exposure towards a culturally varied teaching experience that will increase their overall intellectual capacity. Thus, these factors have, therefore, acted as a further inspiration for international candidates to get enrolled in ACT's courses.

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