Location Delhi

Location Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India, is the second largest metropolis of India after Mumbai with a vast population. An international TEFL program in Delhi will provide you with the scope to explore and learn about the oldest city of India which had been inhabited continuously and is the witness of the great freedom struggle of India. TEFL, 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language', is a fastest growing area of learning that comprises of the theories of language learning in a practical manner which is possible through interactive participatory sessions and practical experiences that can be carried back to any classroom across the globe. A course in a place as Delhi adds an extra edge to your learning experience. Delhi is a huge city which contains an awe inspiring amount of history, culture, life, food and a lot more one could possibly imagine. The land of Kings and Emperors and also the current seat of constituency for the nation, it is the perfect place to take a TEFL course owing to its status as a global city. Once it was the land of royal powers, later it turned out to be the seat of colonial power and now it is the centre of bureaucratic power also.

Cosmopolitan in nature it is the power hinterland of the Indian sub continent and the educational Mecca of various international colleges and universities. Undergoing a Teacher Training course in Delhi has profound consequences as owing to the value that is given to education and studies. Pursuing the course in Delhi, amidst its commercial settings and at the heartland of the city with shopping malls and commercial centres at a stone throw distance, can be very enriching and helps the candidates to relax and rejuvenate after a day of intensive in-class program. Undergoing a TEFL course in Delhi has profound consequences as education is given a lot of importance in the capital city. The most inclusive revamp of education system in the world is taking place in Delhi as the administration is working towards a system where aspiring teachers can be groomed for teaching in a culturally varied atmosphere in global schools and it is this initiative, which an Institute of international repute, is trying to fulfil by providing Teacher Training Program in Delhi for Teaching English i.e. the TEFL/ TESOL course where students from all over the world can unite to learn and teach the same to the global citizens of the world.

A first-timer in Delhi can figure out two sides of the city. It is more like two sides of the same coin and both having equal spark and significance. On one hand there are the monuments exhibiting the glorious Indian past and on the other hand the urbanised side of trends and lifestyle. Delhi is a perfect combination of splendour and energy. Old Delhi has an old world charm which is pretty much alive. The exact opposite is presented by the world of New Delhi that will catch tour attention with its charm; but with ingredients that are poles apart. So, A TEFL course in Delhi not only enriches the traveller in you but fills your memory book as well. The course provides with an in depth acquaintance on the trends and methods of teaching. One will be benefited in many ways if one visits this place for a in-class TEFL course.

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