Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer (Online)

This course, specially designed by Asian College of Teachers, is a highly functional course for those looking forward to pursue a successful career in training and is highly effective in acquiring skills in training. The course aids in being eligible in teaching and training in various training and academic sectors and other related fields.

About the Course

The Professional Diplomain Train the Trainer course by Asian College of Teachers has been designed to meet the requirements of the working professionals and budding trainers willing to upgrade their qualification to an international level. The course meets the global standards that equips an aspirant with need analysis, necessary skills and techniques required by the candidates in order to create interactive learning sessions, to build and maintain strong group dynamics, to organize a model training atmosphere, to conduct effective training sessions and maintaining proper communication with the learners, management of various behavioural issues of the learners and much more. The course helps in making effective use of many interesting resources such as energizers, icebreakers, role plays, case studies, training games, power point presentations and study templates.The course comprises study materials in details as well as adequate videos along with case studies to help the learners in pursuing the program.

Key Information

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • Both experienced and aspiring teachers are eligible to apply
  • T10+2 or equivalent qualification is the minimum eligibility requirement
  • The Professional Diploma course in Trainthe Trainer in online mode is available at Rs 17,000(18% GST applicable)
  • Easy instalment facility is available

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • The course is available in an onlinemode
  • The maximum duration for the course is 5 months covering 120 hours
  • Candidates having fair knowledge about computer and are familiar with internet can apply for the online mode from any corner of the globe


Both A/C and non A/C accommodations are available for a three weeks program and the interested candidates will receive all the detailed information regarding the same. The candidates can choose from a wide range of options and can also opt for shared accommodation as well.

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • The course is available in an in-classmode
  • The duration of the course is 3 weeks, covering 120 hours
  • Teaching Practice sessions are available for candidates


Phase 1: Training and Learning
Phase 2: The Trainer
Phase 3: Techniques
Phase 4: The Group
Phase 5: The Training environment
Phase 6: Need Analysis
Phase 7: Feedback
Phase 8: Handling Equipment

Admission and Support Services

  • ACT's admission process is flexible and easy
  • Candidates can opt for any online payment method
  • ACT's admission department contact candidates via mail or telephone
  • Course fee can be paid by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or demand draft (in ACT's bank account)
  • Courses are accompanied by support from the accomplished tutors

Job prospects

The online course in Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer aims at training the aspirants to prepare learners belonging to varied backgrounds. The certificate that the candidates will receive after the successful completion of the course is recognised across the world and proves beneficial in landing with a lucrative job opportunity. The course sets the path for a number of job opportunities and benefits the aspirants along with making them able to work as a corporate trainer, freelancers, HR executives, trainers in educational institutions, etc. It is apt for those with a passion for travelling and willing to give their career the right boost. There are high demands in India followed by Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Middle East, Eastern European and South American nations etc.

Accreditation and Certification

  • Professional Diploma in Train the Trainercourse is certified by Asian College of Teachers
  • The word 'Online' is not mentioned in the certificates
  • Shipping of certificates within India is free
  • US $35 must be paid for shipping of certificates by candidates from the rest of the world
  • US $25 must be paid by candidates from South East Asian and Middle Eastern countries

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